While she worked on me I saw beautiful images as she miraculously spoke words that my heart needed to hear. I could feel energy in my body. I felt doubt and anxiety leave me as they were replaced by a sense of peace and certainty that I haven’t felt in years.
— “A” Dancer

What can I expect in a Body Breathing Healing Session?

Before each session, you will fill out a questionnaire. Then we sit together to briefly discuss why you’ve come to me and what you hope to accomplish in the session. You will be encouraged to ask any questions and discuss any concerns that haven’t been fully addressed in our pre-session telephone consultation.

Each session is unique, but most employ soothing light touch, slow rocking, and deeper bodywork – sometimes I even dance or "shake-out" with my clients to release tensions and loosen the body to open up to new forms of experience - all depending upon the client’s needs, desires, body type and condition, informed by what you've communicated to me and what I intuit during our session together.

Essential to our healing process together is the proper use of the breath. During our session, I encourage clients to fully participate in their own healing by the use of “pause breathing,” i.e. slow deep breath that fills the belly, mid-section and lungs to capacity – which is then “paused” at both the top and the bottom of each breath.

I also encourage “sounding” on breath, which includes airy sighs and voicing – i.e. the production of long slow voice-filled moans. These internally created sound vibrations promote healing from within to facilitate my touch-work from the outside. Generally I breath and sound with my clients, so that they can easily "mirror" me and feel comfortable making sound. Together we create a bath of sound that, in addition to the physical touch, heals the body. Once this sound-breathing is mastered, the breath can be “guided” into various areas of the body.

In addition to the body and breath work, I often incorporate visualization (guided imagery), i.e. audio suggestions to guide an inner journey. I may also use my handmade shakers over the entire body to promote trance and healing.

Often sessions end with warm compresses to the entire body to deepen and enhance the sense of calm created during the session, and to cleanse the body of any massage-oil residue. Finally there is a gentle “laying on of hands” to certain key areas.

Usually when I work, I go into a trance state, i.e. a highly intuitive place where I am able to sense what is happening on non-apparent levels. My goal throughout the session is to align with my clients session-goals, the release of stress and pain on both physical and psychic levels, increased self-knowledge and pleasure. It is not unusual for my clients to go into the deepest relaxation they have every experienced and enter into a blissful state - sometimes experienced as “floating above the body." After a session clients are encouraged to rest or nap to fully integrate the totality of experience and rejuvenate.

After the on-table session is complete, we briefly sit and talk again – and often I give “homework” – i.e. positive practice to be done after the session that extends and enhances the session experience.

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Photo http://www.evamueller.com/