Among Zelda’s greatest gifts is that fact that she is blessed with what in some traditions are called “healing hands”. Zelda’s hands brim with healing energy, power and strength that are unmistakable upon her touch.
— “M” 61 year-old Educator/Artist

- E" 37-year-old mom and entrepreneur

"From the very start of our session, Zelda went straight to the heart of my emotional blocks. Before even getting on the treatment table, she spoke to my desires for personal development in a gentle, compassionate and loving way – it felt like the sister I never had was giving me a heart-to-heart talk. On the table she pinpointed where I held emotional patterns in my body and helped me work through them with breath and sound. She planted seeds of positive change in my psyche that are still ringing in my ears and guiding me on a path of self-discovery and fulfillment. This kind of healing work is unlike anything else I've experienced – it was an eye-opening and soul-affirming session and the insights continue to resonate and unfold before me."

“V” 80 year-old Manager

It is a repair job. You give the body an opportunity to repair it self by doing at least 3 things. The big repair is the strong breathing for an hour; that fixed my blocked nose. The second repair was the arthritic shoulder caused by a neck injury; you grabbed it and made me breath into it – repaired. The third thing is my posture – repaired. Wonderful! My trip home on the subway was great – I could breath! Not only that but I felt wonderful during the massage with all the kind words. The only way you could get me to breathe that way for so long was to put me in a trance – fun!  You got the results that you figured out I needed without my telling you. You’re very smart, intuitive and cautious.

“F” 41 year-old Doctor

From the deep breathing and visualization exercises to the expert bodywork, Zelda makes the stress disappear and provides a great state of relaxation.

“P” 60 year-old Legal Specialist

“The warm strokes of your fingers felt like they were not only on the exterior of my body, but I felt for long periods of time during the session that your strokes were moving within my body following my every breath. The session was a unique, professional, invigorating and totally relaxing experience. Thank you! Trust we can meet again.”

“M” 61 year-old Educator/Artist

“Zelda has developed a practice of massage and breathing techniques that are very effective both physically and emotionally. She soothed me while simultaneously and playfully pushing me to deepen my own connection with my body through touch and sound. The practice simultaneously lifts, expands and relaxes, and she fulfills the vivid promise of her website. Among Zelda's greatest gifts is that fact that she is blessed with what in some traditions are called “healing hands”. Zelda's hands brim with healing energy, power and strength that are unmistakable upon her touch. Zelda's touch goes well beyond good massage and conveys what can only be learned through years of diverse study and practice that build upon inherent talent and ability. I definitely plan to experience the deeply healing, loving and very sensual presence of Zelda on a regular basis. My session with Zelda was deeply satisfying, joyful and rewarding. I left our session feeling loved, nurtured, relaxed and energized in a way that has stayed with me for days. Thank you!

“K” 25 year-old Accountant

I loved the breathing. You were right – it vibrated through my body. And your voice. And the smells – all the smells were really wonderful, and they helped me relax. At the end I was so relaxed, I felt like rubber.

“R” 45 year-old Cantor

“Zelda is one of the finest healers I have ever come in contact with (and I have come in contact with a lot!) Her hands hold deep knowledge, as does her mind, her heart, and her eyes. If you are looking for new ways to move through your life and the life of your body, I can thnk of few better guides. If you wish to relax physically and begin healing on a deeper level, Zelda can help you there as well. I found our sessions tremendously informative, refreshing, and fun. I laughed almost as much as a sighed. I even slept a bit during. In a world full of semi-informed healers, Zelda is the real thing. And particularly for people of faith, she is incredible — weaving her deep faith with that of her client, and helping us both to move higher.”

(Information withheld by request)

“As someone who is dealing with the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease, I realized that I am blocking my feelings and I need to let go. I never realized it before, but I learned today that breathing is important. It isn’t easy for me to feel my feelings and breathe, but I see that I have to do it. Thank you!”

“J” 33 year-old Marketing Rep

Breathing through Anxiety, taking in Blessing, Offering Praise. You are a doctor.

“U” 35-year-old Salesman

“Usually I can’t relax – and I was VERY relaxed. The session was inspirational and joyful!”

From “R” 39 year-old Socio-Cultural Analyst

“I enjoyed the time that we shared together on Saturday – it was well worth the 5-hour drive to see you. In fact it was one of the most awesome experiences that I had ever had. Every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep I say the words you suggested out loud to myself – and I can feel a profound difference already. I don’t know how you can see right through people but you saw through me and appreciate your gentle words and kindness to help me release some pain and fear that I had been going through. Hopefully we can get together again in the near future.”

From “S” 62 year-old Engineer

Thanks for a great time together yesterday. You are truly a great find. Take it from someone who has been there, done that, Zelda will not disappoint; she is creative, and attentive to your needs. She will guide you to that special place you’ve been thinking about and be there for you.

“S” 35-year-old Insurance Salesman

“I could feel the loving in your touch. You purged me of everything negative and you brought in divine healing light.”

“D” 34-year-old Engineer

“Although the deep breathing and sounding was difficult for me at first, by the end of the session I felt more awareness and more self-acceptance – and I really felt and was open to your loving tenderness.”

“C” 42 year-old Customer Sales Rep

“Thank you very much for taking such great care of me today. I sincerely appreciate you being caring and attentive to my physical self, my breath and, most importantly, my well-being. Your focus on touch and awareness of my presence made my experience very relaxing and soothing. I felt so safe and secure in your very capable hands and my journey was spot on perfect.”

“E” 41-year-old Financial Professional

“I had my first session with Zelda earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised by her comforting and nurturing ways. Some people are naturally gifted in what they pursue and she is definitely a gift to behold. The entire session I felt enveloped in her warm, sensuous presence.”

“S” 45-year old Salesman

“Zelda: I loved the way you touched me, strong and oh so soft. And you really listened to me. And listening to your voice was so soothing. You have a great aura! It was a great experience. I’ll be back once a week, or at least a couple of times a month. Thank you Zelda!”

“J” 48 year-old Insurance Executive

“Thank you so very much for way more than I could have ever expected. Your attention and listening skills were very apparent from our short phone conversation. From the moment I arrived, I felt relaxed and safe in your care. I must say that although I have had many a massage in my travels I have never been so completely cared for and encouraged during a session before. Thanks Zelda!”

From “H” 35 year-old Post Production Assistant

“I felt relaxed the moment we met. Her energy, charm, and personality will start to release your stress way before the fun begins with the most amazing and relaxing massage I’ve ever had. I completely recommend Zelda. She’s amazing … Hope to see you soon again!”

From “N” 25 year-old Licensed Massage Therapist

“As a Massage Therapist and energy healer, I must say, Zelda has the power to heal you in more ways then one. From the moment you step into her world … it becomes your world too. She’s very engaged in client satisfaction from the beginning to the end, encouraging you to speak out if anything feels uncomfortable and especially if something feels good. Zelda knows her stuff, she pinpoints any stress areas and really works on them making you feel relaxed, both physically and emotionally. My experience with Zelda allowed me to become vulnerable, my mental guard was let down which gave way to an unforgettable experience. My body was shaking and thrashing with delight as her hands guided themselves to where attention was most needed. Overall, I had an immense experience that’s sure to repeat itself when I’m in need for some grounding and attention.”

From “B” 62 year-old Business Manager

“It was a great pleasure to put myself into the loving and competent hand of Zelda.From the moment I entered her quirkily decorated studio, I felt her confidence and discernment. She was extraordinarily welcoming, with her 1000-watt smile, brilliant eyes and sweet voice. Her touch was compelling, allowing me to completely surrender to her and it. Any problems I might have had in fully receiving (pretty much the point of her sessions) melted away. Her practiced hands went right to the places that were tight or needed attention. She was, by turns, deep, nurturing, and teasing and loving. Her attention to detail and to specifically me put me in a trance of relaxation.When the bodywork was over, she insisted I remain on her table for a few minutes rather than getting right up. I was thus able to experience a beautiful return journey from Zelda's land of love to my daily self. Many thanks, Zelda!”

From ”M” 25 year-old IT Technician

“I’m practicing my exercises whenever I get a chance. A big part of my new job is to greet customers and sell products, which is helping me a lot and will help me a lot in future too – so your suggestions are right on target and very practical and helpful. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of magic was in your hands. It was something very new and amazing!”

From ”T” 46 year-old Computer Programmer  

“Zelda:You have a directness in communication that fit extremely well with my own communication style. You got me. You got me quickly. I felt like you were able to absorb in 15 minutes what other therapists had taken years at a time to discern.  Your advice was clear and had that quality of being simple and powerful. You left me with specific ways to approach my life that made me feel more empowered. You possess a balance of confidence and wonder that instilled the same in me. I was envisioning a wonderful future with your guidance. The bodywork was very in tune with what I needed. What could easily be a situation of self-consciousness was instead very relaxed and meaningful. I felt like your student and your peer.Beyond what was such a physically fulfilling experience was a highly spiritual inner experience I was having. I felt loved by the universe, and respected by you. I could have laid there all-night and talked about life and the world.That night I felt like something big had happened, an opportunity for spiritual growth and/or shift. This feeling continues today as your positive messages continue to resonate with me. Your warm love is still resonating too. I am deeply thankful for your presence and presents! I look forward to our paths intersecting again.Love and peace to you Zelda”

From “A” Dancer

“Zelda works from a natural intuitive gift for healing. There is no pretense, no mumbo-jumbo. She is a regular person who happens to have a gift for understanding the deep-rooted problems that block our energy and keep us from living the lives we dream of living. Her understated, easy demeanor made me feel at home right away. While she worked on me I saw beautiful images as she miraculously spoke words that my heart needed to hear. I could feel energy in my body; I felt doubt and anxiety leave me as they were replaced by a sense of peace and certainty that I haven’t felt in years. I would definitely recommend Zelda to anyone who feels anxious or spiritually cluttered. She doesn’t as much heal you as put you on the right path toward healing yourself.”

From “M” USPS Postal Carrier

“I just wanted to write and thank you once again for the incredible healing session the other night. I have gone for quite a few massages in my life but none compare to yours. The way you incorporate touch with music, breathing and sound techniques was absolutely an original and amazing experience.   Not only are you great at what you do but you also have a great personality. I felt completely comfortable and look forward to coming again and again. I will be a repeat client as I feel there is still much more to experience. When our session was over I didn’t know how to put into words the way I felt. Obviously I was in a totally relaxed state but now I think the best way to describe my feeling was being totally weightless. I felt as though I shed my heavy body for a new ultra lightweight one :).   It really goes to show you what everyday stresses do to you both mentally and physically. After you relieved all the stress and tension I felt like a completely different person.” 

From “R” IT Technician

“You are open and clear about the connection between physical and emotional being and able to see what needs to be healed simply by what you feel from your hands.  You have an ability – a true gift – along with the experience and willingness to be fully open and in tune with other people’s energy.  I felt at ease and totally relaxed with you in less than five minutes, which allowed me to trust you.  This put me in a total state of relaxation. Something I needed for the longest as I have battling multiple injuries for many years. You are truly a special person with a gift that only the few who finds you will experience.  You are very in tune with you gift and know how to share your heal to gift with the sick. Thank you for showing me how I need to heal and get back in touch with my body and emotions. Sometimes chronic pain can really take you off track.  Thank you for seeing me.  : )   PS you seem like a great person to hang with also … LOL”

From “C” Navy Recruiter

“I was so very pleasantly surprised by meeting you – you are a beautiful one! It was a true pleasure to experience such a unique session. Though I might the quiet one, I enjoyed every minute of it! I felt a great sense of relief that lasted into the evening. You will be seeing me soon for another session for sure. Thank you again for your kindness and all those wise words, and for inviting me in your space. Blessings.”

From ”D” Non-Profit Director  

“I very much appreciate the space you hold during the “sacred massage”—the intention, energy, environment, and experience. Knowing it was ok to cry while you did work to help me physically release was very helpful. You create a healing environment that brings body and spirit together, working with your hands, sound, and shamanistic tools/energy work to shift pain (physical and psychological) to foster healing and restoration in a highly caring and attentive environment.”

From “G” 50 year-old Real Estate Agent

“After 25 years of work, kids and married life I found myself with everything one would want, however I knew something was missing and that I had lost a piece of who I am. I was fortunate to have stumbled upon Zelda and without reservation made an appointment - it was just what the “doctor” ordered! She made me feel comfortable immediately with her sweet smile and loving eyes. She had me lie down on her table, showed me how to breath, massaged my body and stimulated my mind. I felt myself slipping into an almost dream like state as she touched and spoke to me. Zelda is very intuitive and built on everything I shared during our session, leading me to see what I have been doing to myself over the years. After one appointment I feel a positive change. Looking forward to seeing her again soon!

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