I enjoyed the time that we shared together on Saturday – it was well worth the 5-hour drive to see you. In fact it was one of the most awesome experiences that I had ever had. Every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep I say the words you suggested out loud to myself – and I can feel a profound difference already.
— “R” 39 year-old Socio-Cultural Analyst


I love what I do! My work is exciting, pleasurable, calming, uplifting and healing. Clients who are communicative, introspective, spiritual, respectful and appreciative bring great joy to my life. In return for your openness, I vow to employ all of my knowledge and skill and to commit my total focus in assisting your natural growth and healing process. Please read the information below. Thank you!  - Zelda

This is what I expect from you:

  • Be respectful and patient. Know that I have your best interest in mind.
  • Respect my boundaries – touch goes one-way only.
  • Be squeaky clean and on time - I prepare for each client, so please respect my time.
  • Inform me of any and all physical injuries, medications, or psychological issues.
  • Keep me informed during our session – i.e. let me know if you experience any pain or discomfort or you would like the pressure to be modified, or emphasis to be shifted to a particular part of the body.


1. Where do sessions take place?

At the Lace Mill, 165 Cornell Street, Kingston, NY 12401 - by appointment only.

2. What are your business hours?

I see clients by appointment only usually after 1:00 pm.

3. What is guided imagery?

Guided imagery is just a fancy name to help create an inner, imaginative story.  Sometimes to help clients relax, I suggest that they imagine resting in a favorite location (such as the beach or the woods) while I guide them through the experience, helping them see, hear, touch and taste the totality of the environment. Sometimes these "journeys" are more specific to the issues clients are facing as we story-trip together through an imaginary land that helps relax the body and expand the understanding of a life-issue.  Sometimes we work on a physical sensation, a memory or feeling experienced during the session. Or sometimes we work in relative quiet where you are asked simply to focus on physical sensation and/or breath.

4. You say you go into a “trance” – this isn’t some weird cult-like experience, is it?

Not at all!  Everyone can go into a trance state. I just happen to access that state easily and deeply – and I’ve learned how to “listen” and be a conduit for the information and healing energy I receive. While in this relaxed, receptive state, I am aware of my surroundings at all times. Most clients report that they too start to fall into a blissful, state, feeling a deep sense of peace, acceptance and love

5. I love giving massages too – can I reciprocate or exchange services?

Sorry, while I appreciate that many of my clients are also skilled and want to touch – my bodywork sessions go one way only. This boundary is important for my safety and well-being, and it helps me focus entirely on my clients’ experience and allows them to focus on their own inner experience. If reciprocal bodywork is an essential session element for you, please seek out another practitioner.

6. How much does a session cost?

The cost of a session, which includes a required telephone consultation, is $200 for 60 minutes and $250 for 90 minutes – increasing in $50 increments for each additional 30 minutes.  

7.  Isn’t that expensive – I’ve seen sessions advertised for less?

Yes, and I can get a cheap hamburger at McDonalds too ... but I still won't eat there! :) Each bodyworker defines what fee is most comfortable and appropriate.  I devote a great deal of attention to each individual client. My approach is the direct opposite of an “assembly line” experience. Instead, I book only one or two clients per day because I use a great deal of physical and psychic energy during each session. I spend time with each potential client talking on the telephone and in person, listening attentively so that I can provide a completely personalized, unique experience. My location is prepared especially for each client, and sessions are un-rushed, leaving plenty of time for “aftercare” – i.e. time to rest, talk and rejuvenate following the session.

8. Are you a licensed practitioner?

No. The system I offer is new and informed by many years of practice and experience receiving a wide range of healing therapies – and intuition. I’ve been told that I have “great, healing hands” – something that seems to come naturally.

9. Do you have a massage table?

Clients relax on a padded, professional massage table. I use only organic non-scented oil.

10. Will I be nude during the session?

Usually, Yes. You may choose to be covered by a sheet or be clothed if you wish – but I often prefer to work on several areas of the body directly and simultaneously, and find that covering gets in the way.

11.  How do I make an appointment?

After I receive your contact form, I will reach out to you by phone for a telephone consultation within the guidelines that you stipulate. Once you agree to a date and time for your session, you will receive an invoice from PayPal for an $80 deposit to reserve your session time.  Once the deposit is paid, you will receive a confirmation email with more information, including the address and further instructions regarding your appointment. The remainder is due before our session begins, payable either by cash or Mastercard or Visa debit/credit cards. 

11. What if I need to change or cancel my appointment and I’ve already paid my deposit?

An appointment for bodywork is a business appointment. Please respect my time and yours by offering appropriate notices of cancellations or rescheduling. If it is impossible for you to keep your appointment, you may change with 72 hours notice.  In this case, 50% (i.e. $40) of your deposit will go towards your rescheduled appointment time. If you cancel/change with less than 72 hours notice, you will forfeit your deposit. 

12. How long is an appointment?

A minimum appointment time is an un-rushed hour @ $125, however, I suggest ALL appointments last 90 minutes @ $185 -that's just how long a complete session usually takes. And, I suggest that clients who can afford it bring along a little extra cash so that they can extend their sessions if they wish, because frequently clients want to stay longer. Note: Each additional half hour is just $50.

13. May I smoke?

Sorry, for health reasons the space is cigarette smoke free. However, I do burn organic incense – if you are sensitive to this, please let me know in advance.

14. I’m allergic to cats/dogs – do you have pets?

I have a big friendly dog - the dog hair is inescapable - and some hair always manages to get on my clothing. If you are allergic please let me know and we will arrange to have a session in an animal free space.   

15. What else do you advise – how can I prepare for my appointment?

Please plan your schedule so that you will arrive on time. If you are driving, you should leave an extra 15 minutes to assure time for street parking. Refrain from eating for 90 minutes before your appointment time. Please shower before your appointment. If possible, don’t schedule anything directly following your appointment so that you can relax afterwards and receive the fullest benefits from our session together.

16. I don’t have time to shower before I arrive, what should I do?

Please notify me so that you can come early.  A towel will be provided for you to freshen up.  

17. I have other questions – what is the proper way to ask?

Please phrase your questions politely on the contact form. There will be also be time to talk during the phone consult, as well in person before we begin your session.

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Photo http://www.rachaelmckenna.com/

Photo http://www.rachaelmckenna.com/