I felt as though I shed my heavy body for a new ultra lightweight one :). ... After you relieved all the stress and tension I felt like a completely different person.
— “M” USPS Postal Carrier

I adore my work and I find beauty in everyone. Hopefully when we connect, you’ll recognize a kindred spirit.

I’ve been actively engaged in the arts all of my adult life – as a visual artist, poet, performer – and as a producer and artists’ representative. All things cultural and creative fascinate me and I thrive on the intelligent exchange of ideas and creative environments. I relish exploring and weaving together the emotional, mental, spiritual, and sensual – in order to learn, grow, experience ecstasy, manifest potential and move towards unity with the Divine.

In addition to my intuitive Source, I also draw upon my education, a BA in Psychology, years participating in Gestalt Therapy, a wide range of body-centered and talk-centered therapeutic modalities, along with professional actor training and performance. I incorporate the vision and sensitivity of a multidisciplinary artist, and, if I do say so myself, a great sense of humor and playfulness– which make even difficult journeys easier to navigate. While technique is an essential foundation of any craft, a sense of childlike spontaneity and improvisation are, for me, doorways into the richest kinds of experiences.

I’ve been told that I exude a gracious, warm and compassionate persona and a vibrant smile. I’m also strong, direct and intense – straightforward, honest, and down to earth – I tell it like it is, but base my work in compassion and loving - for I believe and observe that true and lasting positive shifts come about most easily in safe and loving environments . The first thing you may notice about me is my hair, which I wear  in a multi-colored wrapped African style - which, I discovered, helps my "outsides" reflect the creative and spiritual nature of my "insides" - my lust for life and connection to ancient roots.

I invite you to come, to experiment, to participate, to risk, to relish in bliss and experience The Body Breathing Healing System, a new form of spiritual body-coaching – an intuitively inspired mix of touch, talk, breath, vocalization, imagination and bliss. 

Each session is unique and with each session I continue to grow and explore – and have lots of fun in the process ...  So come, I invite you to co-create with me!

This is my art, my holy work - and I hope to share it with you!   

To learn more about Judith Z. Miller's primal, one-of-a-kind wearable art, sculpture and photography, please go to:





Photo http://www.trixrosenartphotography.com/

Photo http://www.trixrosenartphotography.com/