I could feel the loving in your touch. You purged me of everything negative and you brought in divine healing light.
— 35-year-old Insurance Salesman

A new form of

Spiritual Body-Coaching

- a Potent INTUITIVE mix

of Touch, Talk, 




- and BLISS 

New Location: Kingston, New York



Judith Z Miller_09.15.12_011.jpg

If you are feeling out of sorts, or anxious, in pain or perhaps in need of a way to integrate various forms of therapy or just desiring a restful break from day-to-day stress, Zelda's Body Breathing Healing System (TM) is a pleasant pathway to access an innate wellspring of knowledge, safety, and peace.  


If you are tired of an assembly-line approach to bodywork or healing, rest assured that each Body Breathing Healing session is unique and geared to the individual client.  When we choose to enter into sacred space, breathing and sounding together, a unique and individualized guided journey unfolds into a vast expanse of possibility.



If you seek a natural body-centered form of relaxation, Zelda's Body Breathing Healing System (TM) creates a safe and loving environment to experiment and grow. As we carefully enter deeper and deeper states of ease, acceptance and self love through breath, sound, imagination and healing touch, we discover that negativity and tension float gently away,  and we enter a beautiful and often blissful, spiritual state. 


Come, I invite you to explore a new form of spiritual body-coaching – an intuitively inspired mix of touch, talk, breath, vocalization, imagination and bliss. This is my art, my holy work!
— Zelda

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